Art, Painting, RVing and Other Observations

Okay, I realize that there is no need for yet another blog. I understand this and yet here I am… starting a blog.

My name is Debra Howard. I’m an artist; a painter to be more precise.

I find it ironic, even laughable that I am on the computer as much as I am.

IMG_0067I graduated from Ringling School of Art in 1977 with a BFA. I was trained to be an illustrator and graphic designer. I loved it. I was good at it and I made a healthy living in my profession.

Fast forward to 1994. I had just turned 40 and computers were well underway in taking over the field of graphic design and illustration. I learned to use my Mac but I wasn’t happy about trading in my paintbrush for a mouse.

So, I closed my design studio, hopped on my sailboat and began to paint.

Ling Ling anchored off Tangierx

So far so good, right?

Enter the internet. A wonderful and useful tool for learning, research, and communicating. However, in the last few years it has profoundly changed the way people buy and experience art.

It used to be that a collector, attended art openings, explored galleries and roamed the art walks to find art. It was a direct experience with the work the artist produced. And I used to sit quietly painting in my studio until I had enough paintings to deliver to a gallery and wait to hear if anything sold.

Now, with high quality digital photography, websites, Facebook and emails, collectors are buying more and more online. It also helps that purchasing online is now secure, convenient and shipping is usually free.

So here I am, back in front of the computer.

I’ve set out to explore this brave new world of online sales, marketing and self promotion.

My life outside of the computer has been adventerous and interesting. Often after people get to know me they comment, “You really should write a book about your life!” Mmmmm, maybe, but in the mean time I’m going to be blogging.

I’ll be writing about art, painting, travel and general observations of life around me.

I hope you’ll join me in the adventure.

Debra Howard